Money and Debt wise, May was a rubbish month at £63.38! A lot lower than the previous two months. Embarrassed to even report it myself, but that is the whole part of my journey with this. Hopefully it will push me to do better in June…. we will see!

MAY TOTAL Revenue after fees
Ebay £53.71
Matched Betting £6.75
Ziffit 10% £2.36
Surveys £0.56
MAY TOTAL £63.38
  • Ebay : This month was selling a lot of things for friends and family really and i took a 10% cut as part of doing all the admin / posting etc. I also sold a few bits of my own. Mainly low value clothes and books.
  • Matched Betting: The intention was there! But lost quite a lot of motivation on this in May.
  • Ziffit: This was again sales for friends and family, where i took a 10% cut as part of the deal for doing it.
  • Surveys: Just Qmee this month.

Bring on June – things can only get better surely!