Ok so my daughter started nursery at 4 months. I had no choice and believe me I carry the guilt of her being in full time nursery from such an early age with me all the time.  Literally EVERYWHERE I go, every time I look at my daughter and in the mirror etc etc- it’s so heavy that I can’t even think about it now! So quick change of mood…  This post is about two of the things I wasn’t prepared for with nursery:

1) The tears. Not just my daughter – but me too. Honestly she genuinely does stop crying after 2 minutes – The skeptic me has spied and seen it. What I wasn’t prepared for was the tears from my side. Mainly holding them in for the first month until getting to the car. Or ringing my mum driving away from nursery and bursting into tears. Or even the worst one, getting to work and someone asking me how she was settling in nursery – and i turned into a blubbering mess. In the middle of the office. Seriously NOT cool. Thankfully it is subsiding now….

2) The sickness. So this has been overwhelming and I was not warned enough or prepared here. Perhaps I have just had bad luck here.. But my experience is filled with just SOOOO many bugs. Seriously she had picked up everything. We have had endless colds, croup, hand foot and mouth, conjunctivitis, ear infections, bacterial infections and countless viruses. And guess what?! – I caught most of them too. This last 6 months has been full of germs and visits to the doctors and late night rocking baby in arms. Thankfully we have gone two whole weeks now without an illness … so maybe we are on the other side…. we will see !