How crazy is it how much we are excited about those first steps … and then within the blink of an eye (or approximately 1 month in my daughters case) they are suddenly running everywhere in all directions. Here are some things I didn’t expect … :

The pace. Honestly how is she faster than me?! The laws of biology say this isn’t possible yet it’s happening ….

The disappearing. One minute there and next second she is three rooms away behind the sofa and I am panicking on the verge of a meltdown trying to find a lost child in my house.

The desperation to get outside. Like she has been in prison and is just being released . If she sees a door open to outside or a different room she is there before you can say “freedoommmm” (braveheart voice allowed).

The household challenges. She now flushes the toilet about 11 times a day, she turns the heaters on, she messes with the settings on the washing machines , she gets into all the cupboards, every bathroom has toilet tissue everywhere …. etc

This is only month two now of full mobility so am sure I have more to learn ahead ! 😂