This is true.

I have been trying but not succeeding amazingly at doing project 333 on my clothing wardrobe (limiting wardrobe down to 33 items which includes coats, shoes and accessories ) . However if I am being honest I had rubbish clothes to begin with so I picked the best of a bad bunch. I seem to be stuck in a post post post pregnancy rut (one year on I guess not much excuse now) where baggy clothes are still my comfort zone go to.

Recently my partner even started saying ‘that coat doesn’t reflect you’ and ‘you can do better than those jeans’. I appreciate writing that that he sounds like an utter knob but all I can say is he isn’t and was trying to do me a favour in a nice way breaking this to me!
My daughter on the other hand has an amazing wardrobe – most of her clothes have been gifts from family . She has 5 outdoor coats , yes FIVE ! Compared to my one falling apart coat.
She has beautiful wool hats , gloves , tights , dresses , different tops and leggings , 2 pairs of jeans , shoes and lots more. She is very lucky indeed and I wouldn’t change it for the world !
Now where is my falling apart jumper again …