1) She just stares when I dance in the kitchen. So I dance more  (to get a laugh or smile) …. and she just continues to stare. She doesn’t join in.

2) She just stares when I make baby noise or voices (to get a laugh or a smile) . She maintains a stare and does not smile. This is always.

3) I read a book in a fast high pitch voice or in fact any voice … it’s not fast enough for her and she turns every page before I have finished . She does not appreciate the funny voices. She wants me to get on with it. I swear she just rolled her eyes at me.

4) She knows how to use a spoon pretty well. However she makes a conscious choice to not use the spoon. She opens her mouth and stares . She won’t hold the spoon. Why should she (is what she thinks behind those eyes). She waits to be fed. Her way or the highway.