Congratulations on reaching sleep stage. However you are not yet in the safe zone..

RULE 1) Don’t celebrate with any form of fist pump. The risks of sound are too high.

RULE 2) Never ever sneeze.

RULE 3) ..or cough.

RULE 4) Wear clothing that makes no sounds. No ruffles, or shellsuit material.

RULE 5) Socks or barefoot only.

RULE 6) Plan your clear route. No stepping on toys and make sure all musical toys wherever possible have been turned off

RULE 7) Know your floorboards. Absolutely have every creak mapped out in your mind. AVOID all creaks.

RULE 8) Drop low onto hands and knees – slowly.

RULE 9) Slow and steady, never speed even when the end is in sight, however deep the temptation. Trust me.

RULE 10) Ensure door is already ajar and slowly open in stages.

RULE 11) Maintain controlled breathing

…. Aaaand relax. Congratulate yourself once you are at least 3 rooms away. Well done