Month number 2 already of my out of debt mission income report.

This documents all extra income after my day job salary. This month my main goal was to beat last months total. Which I did … just! Just scrapped over by £3.04 from last months total, so £155.64 earned this month after fees where applicable. Breakdown below:

  • Ebay – Really excited by progress here. It is made up some clothes and household items declutter, but as they were running out I took to other methods. I went to charity shops and car boot sales and bought items to resell. Nothing groundbreaking, but had some nice successes such as – 1 x top bought for £1.99 and sold for £17.00 plus P&P. Every little bit!
  • Survey Sites – Just a small amount from Qmee and Swagbucks and came from a few surveys done on mobile phone when I had a few minutes throughout the month.
  • Mystery Shopping.  2 in-store shops and 2 online ones. Very simple and quite fun! The companies from this month were Red WigWam , Tern, & Retail active.
  • Cashback sites : Quidco payout here. My favourite cashback site.
Revenue after fees
Ebay £120.15
Survey Sites £6.12
Mystery Shopping £28.00
Cashback Site £1.37
Difference from last month £3.04