So I have officially been vegetarian for 2 months now. Here are a few of the things are i have noticed so far.

  1. People ask questions: I need to think of a short response for when I am asked about why I am a vegetarian which does not bore or scare people away.
  2. Some restaurants have just 1 vegetarian option on the menu: Seriously in 2017. This is actually still a thing, I had no idea.
  3. I need a multivitamin:  Most experienced vegetarians I am sure do not need this. However I am a bit rubbish and need to probably plan my meals better. My body has shown a few signs of vitamin d/b/iron lacking, mainly my lips around the edges and general tiredness. I will sort this out properly, but until I get used to it have started on some multivitamins for vegetarians so hopefully that will help.
  4. Food tastes better: Seriously this is for real. I loved meat and was never too bothered about lentils, and beans and vegetables and basically green food or food that was good for me. However now I have forced myself to retrain my food tastes after 30+ years and yep the vegetarian food honestly tastes amazing.
  5. All of a sudden there is vegetarian/animal news/articles everywhere: This must be like when you are a pregnant woman and all of a sudden you see pregnant women everywhere. I am seeing vegetarian / animal articles everywhere. I must have had my blinkers on before. Its all very sad and upsetting, how did I not even think about this before ever.
  6. Its bringing me and my partner closer: He has also become a vegetarian. Pretty unbelievable considering he has been known to order and proceed to amaze all his friends in eating the 50 oz long boned tomahawk steak on frequent occasion in our local steakhouse. It sounds mega cheesy but it is like a little project we have together now and are trying all different tastes and foods. Its great.