Packaging is starting to annoy me now. In my wildest dreams I didn’t think i would be a person who gave any attention to packaging. Surely i have more important things to think of…. but seriously – why is there so much?!

The eternal question, burning a hole through the core of me right now. Eating at my conscious, grinding into my (flaky) morals, bearing down on me like a massive, giant paper weight – but made out of a tonne of cardboard and plastic.

Great big space-destroying, waste-fated cardboard, and plastic, and paper. Weird plasticy hard bits, twisty soft metal bits, thick card, thin pointless tissue, square, oval, bendy, hard, all consuming waste.

I am just talking from one households experience of a few Birthdays and Christmas, and still a few months down the line and countless recycling bins later it is just clearing.

SERIOUSLY PEOPLE – Whyyyyyyyyyy!  Is my intelligent response to this.

Any thoughts on how we can go about changing this are greatly appreciated. I am clueless.