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May Out of Debt Income Report #3

Money and Debt wise, May was a rubbish month at £63.38! A lot lower than the previous two months. Embarrassed to even report it myself, but that is the whole part of my journey with this. Hopefully it will push me to do better in June…. we will see!

MAY TOTAL Revenue after fees
Ebay £53.71
Matched Betting £6.75
Ziffit 10% £2.36
Surveys £0.56
MAY TOTAL £63.38
  • Ebay : This month was selling a lot of things for friends and family really and i took a 10% cut as part of doing all the admin / posting etc. I also sold a few bits of my own. Mainly low value clothes and books.
  • Matched Betting: The intention was there! But lost quite a lot of motivation on this in May.
  • Ziffit: This was again sales for friends and family, where i took a 10% cut as part of the deal for doing it.
  • Surveys: Just Qmee this month.

Bring on June – things can only get better surely!


April Out of Debt – Income Report #2

Month number 2 already of my out of debt mission income report.

This documents all extra income after my day job salary. This month my main goal was to beat last months total. Which I did … just! Just scrapped over by £3.04 from last months total, so £155.64 earned this month after fees where applicable. Breakdown below:

  • Ebay – Really excited by progress here. It is made up some clothes and household items declutter, but as they were running out I took to other methods. I went to charity shops and car boot sales and bought items to resell. Nothing groundbreaking, but had some nice successes such as – 1 x top bought for £1.99 and sold for £17.00 plus P&P. Every little bit!
  • Survey Sites – Just a small amount from Qmee and Swagbucks and came from a few surveys done on mobile phone when I had a few minutes throughout the month.
  • Mystery Shopping.  2 in-store shops and 2 online ones. Very simple and quite fun! The companies from this month were Red WigWam , Tern, & Retail active.
  • Cashback sites : Quidco payout here. My favourite cashback site.
Revenue after fees
Ebay £120.15
Survey Sites £6.12
Mystery Shopping £28.00
Cashback Site £1.37
Difference from last month £3.04

March Out of Debt – Income Report (My First!)

So have seen a few bloggers doing this and it will be a good way for me to stay focused on my out of debt journey.

I have made some saving cuts to food budget, and all household spend. My boyfriend has been made redundant and the money is gone now, so its every month in debt further until that is sorted, as my full time job salary doesn’t cover mortgage, nursery and all our bills on its own… Not a great position to be in. Anyway enough of the boring moaning ….!

  • Ebay – Sold some clothes, and had a general loft clearout.
  • Gumtree – As above, except more collection items such as my bike.
  • Ziffit – Loft clearout again, bunch of books and games.
  • Mystery Shopping – Just one job near to end of month as re-starting this now.
  • People per hour – some SEO/data entry work – one job. Easy enough just dull!
Revenue after fees
Ebay £55.98
Gumtree £48.00
Ziffit £21.62
Mystery Shopping £8.00
People per hour data work £19.00

Out of debt mission. The cold facts.

For an accumulation of reasons to boring to list, I am in debt . £3417.88 to be exact. This may not seem like lots but trust me this is an extraordinary sum for me. Its a debt that keeps me up at night, a debt that has burrowed deep inside my mind and is just hanging out there with a sleeping bag, and mini fridge, and a few times a day it wakes up and shouts LOUDLY at me.

It is tiring, and consuming and it weighs a heck of lot.

This is my journey to clear it and take charge.

Wish me luck!

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