When I was turning 30 I had a mini pre-30 crisis and tried a bunch of new things in a short space of time . This included learning to play the blues harmonica, rock climbing, poetry workshops, Buddhist workshops, yoga, guitar lessons. Basically what I learned was how fickle I was. Nothing stuck and everything i sort of dipped my toe into and that was it. Box ticked. I had a hunch through my rubbish commitment to friendships and the long list of books bought and unread in my bookshelf that I was fickle , and this was further proof in my mind. The whole experience cemented the fact that I was a depressingly lacklustre, commitment-phobe, fair-weather, fickle person. With no dedication or real lasting interest in things.Great. Well at least knew myself a bit better! 

4 years on and i am about to give it another shot. Perhaps I approached it with the wrong view – maybe the fun is actually in trying new and varied things even if it is just once, rather than being a disappointed self critic afterwards because none of them ‘stuck’.

So here we go- the plan is to try something new or out of my comfort zone every 2-3 weeks and see how I get on…. wish me luck! 

Will keep you updated!