Wow. My last day being 32 today. Today i actually had a 15 minute shower. This is unheard of over the past few years. It was amazing…ah I miss long showers. Anyway i digress…. So, in the shower (the 15 minute shower…!) I was reflecting over what has happened to me during the age of 32. Quite a bit it seems…:

  1. I bought my first house and got on the property ladder.
  2. I left London after 6 and a half years, and went back to the Midlands.
  3. I changed jobs, and learned a LOT about my professional self with that, and the world as a whole on motherhood and full time work, MASSIVE eye-opener but that is another story!
  4. My daughter turned 1, and I experienced lots of new Mum firsts. We had her first birthday, first Christmas, first words (mama!) , first steps, first nursery days, first solid foods, LOTS of firsts.
  5. I turned vegetarian and will never go back.
  6. I started on my minimalism journey. That sounds mega pretentious so I will rephrase – I looked at all the crap i had and threw most of it away in some form, and now I live with less. That includes my wardrobe which has been a life changer!
  7. I got into debt. Bit of a bummer leaving the age of 32 with debt…
  8. I started an online shop selling baby clothes with my sister. Learned a lot so far!
  9. I stared blogging.
  10. I was a bridesmaid for the first time. That was lovely.
  11. I had a 15 minute shower hurrah!

Its been a really significant year for me with so much change and lots of crazy emotions always. Looking forward to being 33 and I guess my current goals for this next year include:

  • Get OUT OF DEBT.
  • Go on a holiday – it has been SO many years.
  • Figure out how to meditate. Maybe explore Buddhism, or find something like that to learn about.
  • Go Vegan. Yep, this has to happen.
  • Keep winging it at motherhood hopefully with lots of laughter and staying present.

Off to celebrate now with a fancy afternoon tea. How different to when i was 23 and getting ready for another drunken all nighter/weekend bender.