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Out of debt mission. The cold facts.

For an accumulation of reasons to boring to list, I am in debt . £3417.88 to be exact. This may not seem like lots but trust me this is an extraordinary sum for me. Its a debt that keeps me up at night, a debt that has burrowed deep inside my mind and is just hanging out there with a sleeping bag, and mini fridge, and a few times a day it wakes up and shouts LOUDLY at me.

It is tiring, and consuming and it weighs a heck of lot.

This is my journey to clear it and take charge.

Wish me luck!

The 2 parts of my child going to nursery that I was not prepared for.

Ok so my daughter started nursery at 4 months. I had no choice and believe me I carry the guilt of her being in full time nursery from such an early age with me all the time.  Literally EVERYWHERE I go, every time I look at my daughter and in the mirror etc etc- it’s so heavy that I can’t even think about it now! So quick change of mood…  This post is about two of the things I wasn’t prepared for with nursery:

1) The tears. Not just my daughter – but me too. Honestly she genuinely does stop crying after 2 minutes – The skeptic me has spied and seen it. What I wasn’t prepared for was the tears from my side. Mainly holding them in for the first month until getting to the car. Or ringing my mum driving away from nursery and bursting into tears. Or even the worst one, getting to work and someone asking me how she was settling in nursery – and i turned into a blubbering mess. In the middle of the office. Seriously NOT cool. Thankfully it is subsiding now….

2) The sickness. So this has been overwhelming and I was not warned enough or prepared here. Perhaps I have just had bad luck here.. But my experience is filled with just SOOOO many bugs. Seriously she had picked up everything. We have had endless colds, croup, hand foot and mouth, conjunctivitis, ear infections, bacterial infections and countless viruses. And guess what?! – I caught most of them too. This last 6 months has been full of germs and visits to the doctors and late night rocking baby in arms. Thankfully we have gone two whole weeks now without an illness … so maybe we are on the other side…. we will see !

My Walking Child – Things I didn’t expect.

How crazy is it how much we are excited about those first steps … and then within the blink of an eye (or approximately 1 month in my daughters case) they are suddenly running everywhere in all directions. Here are some things I didn’t expect … :

The pace. Honestly how is she faster than me?! The laws of biology say this isn’t possible yet it’s happening ….

The disappearing. One minute there and next second she is three rooms away behind the sofa and I am panicking on the verge of a meltdown trying to find a lost child in my house.

The desperation to get outside. Like she has been in prison and is just being released . If she sees a door open to outside or a different room she is there before you can say “freedoommmm” (braveheart voice allowed).

The household challenges. She now flushes the toilet about 11 times a day, she turns the heaters on, she messes with the settings on the washing machines , she gets into all the cupboards, every bathroom has toilet tissue everywhere …. etc

This is only month two now of full mobility so am sure I have more to learn ahead ! 😂

11 rules for getting out of your child’s room once they have fallen asleep.

Congratulations on reaching sleep stage. However you are not yet in the safe zone..

RULE 1) Don’t celebrate with any form of fist pump. The risks of sound are too high.

RULE 2) Never ever sneeze.

RULE 3) ..or cough.

RULE 4) Wear clothing that makes no sounds. No ruffles, or shellsuit material.

RULE 5) Socks or barefoot only.

RULE 6) Plan your clear route. No stepping on toys and make sure all musical toys wherever possible have been turned off

RULE 7) Know your floorboards. Absolutely have every creak mapped out in your mind. AVOID all creaks.

RULE 8) Drop low onto hands and knees – slowly.

RULE 9) Slow and steady, never speed even when the end is in sight, however deep the temptation. Trust me.

RULE 10) Ensure door is already ajar and slowly open in stages.

RULE 11) Maintain controlled breathing

…. Aaaand relax. Congratulate yourself once you are at least 3 rooms away. Well done

My one year old is far better dressed than me.

This is true.

I have been trying but not succeeding amazingly at doing project 333 on my clothing wardrobe (limiting wardrobe down to 33 items which includes coats, shoes and accessories ) . However if I am being honest I had rubbish clothes to begin with so I picked the best of a bad bunch. I seem to be stuck in a post post post pregnancy rut (one year on I guess not much excuse now) where baggy clothes are still my comfort zone go to.

Recently my partner even started saying ‘that coat doesn’t reflect you’ and ‘you can do better than those jeans’. I appreciate writing that that he sounds like an utter knob but all I can say is he isn’t and was trying to do me a favour in a nice way breaking this to me!
My daughter on the other hand has an amazing wardrobe – most of her clothes have been gifts from family . She has 5 outdoor coats , yes FIVE ! Compared to my one falling apart coat.
She has beautiful wool hats , gloves , tights , dresses , different tops and leggings , 2 pairs of jeans , shoes and lots more. She is very lucky indeed and I wouldn’t change it for the world !
Now where is my falling apart jumper again …

4 Reasons why my 1 year old is cooler than me

1) She just stares when I dance in the kitchen. So I dance more  (to get a laugh or smile) …. and she just continues to stare. She doesn’t join in.

2) She just stares when I make baby noise or voices (to get a laugh or a smile) . She maintains a stare and does not smile. This is always.

3) I read a book in a fast high pitch voice or in fact any voice … it’s not fast enough for her and she turns every page before I have finished . She does not appreciate the funny voices. She wants me to get on with it. I swear she just rolled her eyes at me.

4) She knows how to use a spoon pretty well. However she makes a conscious choice to not use the spoon. She opens her mouth and stares . She won’t hold the spoon. Why should she (is what she thinks behind those eyes). She waits to be fed. Her way or the highway.

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