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Project New Stuff (better name ideas VERY welcome!)

When I was turning 30 I had a mini pre-30 crisis and tried a bunch of new things in a short space of time . This included learning to play the blues harmonica, rock climbing, poetry workshops, Buddhist workshops, yoga, guitar lessons. Basically what I learned was how fickle I was. Nothing stuck and everything i sort of dipped my toe into and that was it. Box ticked. I had a hunch through my rubbish commitment to friendships and the long list of books bought and unread in my bookshelf that I was fickle , and this was further proof in my mind. The whole experience cemented the fact that I was a depressingly lacklustre, commitment-phobe, fair-weather, fickle person. With no dedication or real lasting interest in things.Great. Well at least knew myself a bit better! 

4 years on and i am about to give it another shot. Perhaps I approached it with the wrong view – maybe the fun is actually in trying new and varied things even if it is just once, rather than being a disappointed self critic afterwards because none of them ‘stuck’.

So here we go- the plan is to try something new or out of my comfort zone every 2-3 weeks and see how I get on…. wish me luck! 

Will keep you updated! 

May Out of Debt Income Report #3

Money and Debt wise, May was a rubbish month at £63.38! A lot lower than the previous two months. Embarrassed to even report it myself, but that is the whole part of my journey with this. Hopefully it will push me to do better in June…. we will see!

MAY TOTAL Revenue after fees
Ebay £53.71
Matched Betting £6.75
Ziffit 10% £2.36
Surveys £0.56
MAY TOTAL £63.38
  • Ebay : This month was selling a lot of things for friends and family really and i took a 10% cut as part of doing all the admin / posting etc. I also sold a few bits of my own. Mainly low value clothes and books.
  • Matched Betting: The intention was there! But lost quite a lot of motivation on this in May.
  • Ziffit: This was again sales for friends and family, where i took a 10% cut as part of the deal for doing it.
  • Surveys: Just Qmee this month.

Bring on June – things can only get better surely!


April Out of Debt – Income Report #2

Month number 2 already of my out of debt mission income report.

This documents all extra income after my day job salary. This month my main goal was to beat last months total. Which I did … just! Just scrapped over by £3.04 from last months total, so £155.64 earned this month after fees where applicable. Breakdown below:

  • Ebay – Really excited by progress here. It is made up some clothes and household items declutter, but as they were running out I took to other methods. I went to charity shops and car boot sales and bought items to resell. Nothing groundbreaking, but had some nice successes such as – 1 x top bought for £1.99 and sold for £17.00 plus P&P. Every little bit!
  • Survey Sites – Just a small amount from Qmee and Swagbucks and came from a few surveys done on mobile phone when I had a few minutes throughout the month.
  • Mystery Shopping.  2 in-store shops and 2 online ones. Very simple and quite fun! The companies from this month were Red WigWam , Tern, & Retail active.
  • Cashback sites : Quidco payout here. My favourite cashback site.
Revenue after fees
Ebay £120.15
Survey Sites £6.12
Mystery Shopping £28.00
Cashback Site £1.37
Difference from last month £3.04

10 irrational thoughts for the week….

We all have worries, the rational tend to be work related, family related and relationship related for me , in that order also unfortunately. These go into the ‘rational’ thoughts box . But what about the rest? The irrational thoughts- they go down here…. here are this weeks 10 irrational thoughts: 

1. Has my daughter deliberately stopped saying mummy on purpose because she secretly hates me… and prefers her dad, and hates me and is mentally blocking my name out for good because she hates me? Does she hate me….? (live-time thought process) …she hates me. 

2. My chin hair needs constant maintenance now. What if I end up in a coma and no one plucks it for me and I grow a beard.

3. Am I sad and old because I left the bar before 10pm on a Saturday? 

4. Easter eggs everywhere – how can I eat them all without getting fat? Will Easter egg chocolate sugar ultimately give me some sort of chocolate related sugar cancer? Is that a thing?

5. Have I got a disease or infection lying dormant in me from the snakes and lizards at the petting zoo we took my daughter to at the weekend?

6. What if a cat gets into the garage when the door is open and dies in there from hunger.

7. Am I old because I don’t use snapchat?

8. Are the people receiving my eBay items going to kick off if all the clothes are bobbly? Were they even bobbly? Am I going to get a rubbish feedback and be banned by eBay because of bobbly clothes? Why do I still not understand my washing machine? Maybe it’s broken – why didn’t I fill in that warrantee piece of paper? How can I be an adult?

9. Why can’t I do my eyeliner flick properly EVER? Does this also mean I am past it?

10. Why do I keep wearing my pants on inside out without realising? Does this mean I have an early memory loss problem. Will I have to go into a home and who will pay for the home ?

….. and breathe. 

My last day being 32 years old

Wow. My last day being 32 today. Today i actually had a 15 minute shower. This is unheard of over the past few years. It was amazing…ah I miss long showers. Anyway i digress…. So, in the shower (the 15 minute shower…!) I was reflecting over what has happened to me during the age of 32. Quite a bit it seems…:

  1. I bought my first house and got on the property ladder.
  2. I left London after 6 and a half years, and went back to the Midlands.
  3. I changed jobs, and learned a LOT about my professional self with that, and the world as a whole on motherhood and full time work, MASSIVE eye-opener but that is another story!
  4. My daughter turned 1, and I experienced lots of new Mum firsts. We had her first birthday, first Christmas, first words (mama!) , first steps, first nursery days, first solid foods, LOTS of firsts.
  5. I turned vegetarian and will never go back.
  6. I started on my minimalism journey. That sounds mega pretentious so I will rephrase – I looked at all the crap i had and threw most of it away in some form, and now I live with less. That includes my wardrobe which has been a life changer!
  7. I got into debt. Bit of a bummer leaving the age of 32 with debt…
  8. I started an online shop selling baby clothes with my sister. Learned a lot so far!
  9. I stared blogging.
  10. I was a bridesmaid for the first time. That was lovely.
  11. I had a 15 minute shower hurrah!

Its been a really significant year for me with so much change and lots of crazy emotions always. Looking forward to being 33 and I guess my current goals for this next year include:

  • Get OUT OF DEBT.
  • Go on a holiday – it has been SO many years.
  • Figure out how to meditate. Maybe explore Buddhism, or find something like that to learn about.
  • Go Vegan. Yep, this has to happen.
  • Keep winging it at motherhood hopefully with lots of laughter and staying present.

Off to celebrate now with a fancy afternoon tea. How different to when i was 23 and getting ready for another drunken all nighter/weekend bender.

March Out of Debt – Income Report (My First!)

So have seen a few bloggers doing this and it will be a good way for me to stay focused on my out of debt journey.

I have made some saving cuts to food budget, and all household spend. My boyfriend has been made redundant and the money is gone now, so its every month in debt further until that is sorted, as my full time job salary doesn’t cover mortgage, nursery and all our bills on its own… Not a great position to be in. Anyway enough of the boring moaning ….!

  • Ebay – Sold some clothes, and had a general loft clearout.
  • Gumtree – As above, except more collection items such as my bike.
  • Ziffit – Loft clearout again, bunch of books and games.
  • Mystery Shopping – Just one job near to end of month as re-starting this now.
  • People per hour – some SEO/data entry work – one job. Easy enough just dull!
Revenue after fees
Ebay £55.98
Gumtree £48.00
Ziffit £21.62
Mystery Shopping £8.00
People per hour data work £19.00

Guilty Pleasures

Is a  Chicago town mini microwave pizza an acceptable meal option for a 32 year old trying to be a grown up?

Does this meal choice fit alongside a mortgage, pension, life insurance ,a will and everything else that comes with being an official adult.

I really bloody hope so.

What would Beyonce do?

In times of crisis or in fact when there is any situation or decision to make big or small, I find that this question is a good place to start.

A person has just pushed in the queue …Would would Beyoncé Do?
Someone has annoyed me at work ….Would would Beyoncé Do?

Which outfit do I wear today …. Would would Beyoncé Do?

This question can be used in many different situations . 99% of the time with success.


6 Things I have noticed about being a new Vegetarian.

So I have officially been vegetarian for 2 months now. Here are a few of the things are i have noticed so far.

  1. People ask questions: I need to think of a short response for when I am asked about why I am a vegetarian which does not bore or scare people away.
  2. Some restaurants have just 1 vegetarian option on the menu: Seriously in 2017. This is actually still a thing, I had no idea.
  3. I need a multivitamin:  Most experienced vegetarians I am sure do not need this. However I am a bit rubbish and need to probably plan my meals better. My body has shown a few signs of vitamin d/b/iron lacking, mainly my lips around the edges and general tiredness. I will sort this out properly, but until I get used to it have started on some multivitamins for vegetarians so hopefully that will help.
  4. Food tastes better: Seriously this is for real. I loved meat and was never too bothered about lentils, and beans and vegetables and basically green food or food that was good for me. However now I have forced myself to retrain my food tastes after 30+ years and yep the vegetarian food honestly tastes amazing.
  5. All of a sudden there is vegetarian/animal news/articles everywhere: This must be like when you are a pregnant woman and all of a sudden you see pregnant women everywhere. I am seeing vegetarian / animal articles everywhere. I must have had my blinkers on before. Its all very sad and upsetting, how did I not even think about this before ever.
  6. Its bringing me and my partner closer: He has also become a vegetarian. Pretty unbelievable considering he has been known to order and proceed to amaze all his friends in eating the 50 oz long boned tomahawk steak on frequent occasion in our local steakhouse. It sounds mega cheesy but it is like a little project we have together now and are trying all different tastes and foods. Its great.

Package me up.

Packaging is starting to annoy me now. In my wildest dreams I didn’t think i would be a person who gave any attention to packaging. Surely i have more important things to think of…. but seriously – why is there so much?!

The eternal question, burning a hole through the core of me right now. Eating at my conscious, grinding into my (flaky) morals, bearing down on me like a massive, giant paper weight – but made out of a tonne of cardboard and plastic.

Great big space-destroying, waste-fated cardboard, and plastic, and paper. Weird plasticy hard bits, twisty soft metal bits, thick card, thin pointless tissue, square, oval, bendy, hard, all consuming waste.

I am just talking from one households experience of a few Birthdays and Christmas, and still a few months down the line and countless recycling bins later it is just clearing.

SERIOUSLY PEOPLE – Whyyyyyyyyyy!  Is my intelligent response to this.

Any thoughts on how we can go about changing this are greatly appreciated. I am clueless.

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