Hi I’m Megs.

I live in the Midlands with my partner and my beautiful 1 year old daughter.

I have started this blog to document my time with her. This last year has gone so fast and much of it in a tired blur (!) I don’t want to forget any more of it!

Also this blog will help as a place to write my general thoughts and musings in the hope that I can make sense of all the chaos in my brain – currently filled with lots of random pointless stuff that shouldn’t be clogging up space in there.

Other stuff about me ….

I work full time in events and sales and love my job (most days)

I am a recent vegetarian with vegan as my end goal but that requires a bit more of a life change so am going step by step on that.

My debt is sort of stacking up at the moment so am dealing with that also.

One of my ultimate aims is to live a more minimalistic life, and be more ‘present’ to appreciate the quality times. Am working on this